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Prices and payment terms

Turbo-Dansk Intensive Learning:

Individual intensive learning:

Order a package of 10 lessons

Price: 450,- DKK.  per lesson ( 1 lesson= 50 minutes)

10 lessons: 4.500,- DKK.

Turbo-Dansk Intensive Class Learning:

3-4 learners

1 module of 28 lessons

Duration: 4 weeks

Lesson price: 175,- DKK

Price per module: 4.900,- DKK

Turbo-Dansk Intensive Class Learning:

5-7 learners

1 module of 35 lessons

Duration: 5 weeks

Lesson price: 150,- DKK

Price per module: 5.250,- DKK

Turbo-Dansk Intensive Class Learning:

8-15 learners

1 module of 50 lessons

Duration: 7 weeks

Lesson price: 80,- DKK

Price per module: 4.000,- DKK

The entire program includes 5 modules

End level 5 is B2 in accordance to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ‘CEFRL’   On this stage the learner is ready to attend PD3 (Prøve i Dansk 3)

Payment terms:

Payment terms regarding all kind of orders is payment up front.

In case of cancellation or no show from clients site the will be no refund of payment. Though the ordered service can be arranged on another date than originally planned.

By cancellation of ordered services from DenDanskeSkoles cancelled by DenDanskeSkole due to sickness or force majeure, the ordered service will be offered on another date than originally planned.