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Course descriptions

Intensive Danish

Turbo-Dansk individual learning

Order a language instructor for flexible individual intensive learning. It is possible to order a package of 10 lessons per order. Lessons of two lessons twice a week is recommended.  Home work between each session is required. Location of the individual intensive Danish learning is possible on the learners private address or work address, at Den Danske Skole Ølbycenter 8, 4600 Køge or as online Distance Learning

Individuel Intensive learning:

Order a package of 10 lessons per order.

Turbo-Dansk intensive class learning

Sign up for an intensive Danish class. Please see the up- coming start dates on our front page

It is as well possible for coorporatives to order intensive class room learning on their own location.


Ølbycenter 8 - 4600 Køge

Schedule og Time Table:

Mondays and wednesdays or

Tuesdays and Thursdays


Turbo-Dansk Intensive Class-learning:

3-4 learners

Sign up for a module of 28 lessons

Duration: 4 weeks

Turbo-Dansk Intensive Class-learning:

5-8 learners

Sign up for a module of 35 lessons

Duration: 5 weeks

Turbo-Dansk Intensive Class-learning:

9-15 learners

Sign up for a module of 50 lessons

Duration: 7 weeks