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About us

A little about us

Den Danske Skole has been teaching Danish as a second language since 1986 to both private individuals and organisations. We are based in Køge and offer classes across the entire Region Sjælland, as well as online coaching. Our owner Lars has been teaching Danish since 1998 and speaks several languages, including Classical Arabic, Turkish, Serbian, German and English, as well as having a Master in Danish as a second language.

Our courses include a mixture of everyday Danish, as well as the vocabulary needed to pass the Prøve i Dansk 1, 2 and 3 examinations. We also cover Danish culture and history. The main focus of our schooling is pronunciation and the rhythm of Danish speech. Our tried and tested ‘Turbo Dansk’ teaching method gives a structured approach that ensures students will learn rapidly, but also have fun with various exercises and tasks.

More than anything, Den Danske Skole is a community and we have members from many different countries and cultures. Our support extends beyond just teaching the Danish language and our students become part of our family. We are always delighted to hear from former students, many of whom still keep in touch regularly. Of course, we welcome new students from all backgrounds and love learning about their cultures and customs. Lars has even been known to pick up a little of his student’s native languages!

*** From August 2020 Den Danske Skole - The Intensive Danish School Køge is opening new intensive Danish classes on our new location at Ølbycenter 8, 4600 Køge - right next to  the S-Train Station and with car parking

Lars V. Jacobsen - CEO Den Danske Skole

The Intensive Danish School Køge