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Welcome to The Intensive Language School Køge

The key to Dan!sh

Turbo-Dansk Intensive Danish  


Den Danske Skole is from August 10th starting new intensive Danish classes on the schools new location in Ølbycenter 8, 4600 Køge

Sign up now for a free trial week and get ready for PD3 in 6-9 months learning Danish in one of our intensive classes

Start August 2020: Modul 1 + Modul 2 

Please contact The Intensive Danish School Køge for further information: 


Phone: (+45) 20 70 62 64 

On behalf of Den Danske Skole - The key to Dan!sh

School director

Lars V. Jakobsen

We also do:

  • Course about Intensive Danish learning
  • Learning materials to buy
  • Course about pronunciation and consciousness
  • Course about second language acquisition
  • Course about cultural understanding and intercultural communication